How to Build a Packageless Pantry


As we ease into the warmer months, you may feel the need to strip back the layers a little. A little cleansing, clearing of the wardrobe and perhaps slightly less conventional, a clearing out of the pantry. The pantry is surprisingly a place of major clutter for many people, it’s amazing what can hide in there.

So, what does a packageless pantry mean?

It basically involves a removing of all the unnecessary packets of plastic, foil and wraps and replacing everything with a jar or sealed container. This means everything is more organized and remains fresh for much longer. A pantry doesn’t have to be hidden, once it’s beautified you could have it on display and bring some life and inspiration to your kitchen.

But where to start?

1. Simplify

This crucial step involves pulling everything out of the pantry. Then it’s time to sort into piles of what to keep, what to compost or what to give away.

2. Repurpose & Clean

Gather all your empty jars and containers - fill your sink with hot soapy water, soak and scrub them, then lay them out to dry fully (crucial!). If you’re short on jars, visit your local second-hand store or GoodFor store and get yourself equipped with a new set. Remember after a good scrub, any old jar will suffice!

3. Empty & Refill

Next, empty out all opened packets, bags or boxes of food and transfer them into your shiny clean jars. Get rid of anything past its use-by date and work towards buying only what you need or use and then buy in bulk.

4. Label

Once you’ve filled your jars, it’s time to label them. There are many ways to do this, a white chalk pen works well on glass, paper tape & a vivid, otherwise investing in a label maker could be a good idea.

5. Organise

Now it’s time to fill your pantry. Start by dividing it into sections. Keep spuds and onions on the lower shelves in cane baskets or boxes. Then find space for your spice jars; spreads; grains and legumes; then oils and vinegars. This is where your creativity comes into play.

Now it’s time to find your local store where you can take your jars, bottles and containers and refill without a hassle. GoodFor is the ultimate spot for this, “BYO packaging” is standard store etiquette, otherwise they provide paper bags which you can fill, then empty into your jars at home, too easy.

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Green Soup

green soup.jpeg


3 carrots

3 medium-large potatoes

5-6 courgettes

2 heads of broccoli

4 cups vegetable or chicken stock

Salt & pepper


Saute all the vegetables in 2-3 tablespoons olive oil in a large pot. Cover with vegetable or chicken stock (tastes better if you use use home-made stock but bought is fine too).

Simmer until cooked and then puree the soup in a blender or food processor. Taste and season accordingly with salt and pepper.

Super easy and delicious and full of vitamins. Enjoy! 🍵

This recipe will make a decent size pot of soup to serve 4 people. For a small batch start with 1 carrot, 1 potato, 1 head of broccoli and 2-3 courgettes.

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