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$25* for 1 Week UNLIMITED Yoga & Meditation

*Available for purchase upon first visit to Golden Yogi Studio. 1 per person. Not to be redeemed with any other promotion.

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$130 for 6 week Beginner Starter Course.

This Yoga 101, 6 Week Beginners Course, is a great way to learn about the practice of yoga and arm you with confidence to take classes.

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YOGA MYTH #1 ~ 'Yoga is religious' ~ Yoga belongs to no religion.  It simply allows us to take a moment to breathe, and enjoy a practice that brings awareness and connection to your inner self.  Anyone can do yoga.

YOGA MYTH #2 ~ 'You have to be (a certain way) to practice yoga.' ~ Yoga is a practice for anyone. It does not matter if you are not flexible, not strong, overweight, young or old - it is yoga practice not yoga perfect.  If you are nervous about starting yoga then start with a beginner’s class or starter course.

YOGA MYTH #3 ~ 'To do yoga, you have to do physical poses' ~  The term yoga means “union” - so besides the common asana practice - yoga includes pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, service (karma yoga), and contemplation of yogic philosophy (jnana yoga). Yoga can be much more than just physical exercise.

YOGA MYTH #4 ~ Yoga is dangerous. ~ Yoga doesn’t hurt people it is usually people that hurt people, by stretching too deep or a poor adjustment. Know your body and you listen to your limits. Be gentle and allow your ego to step to the side.

YOGA MYTH #5 ~ Yoga is easy and girly ~ Many men have admitted that they hold this belief, until they come to a class and realize what yoga really is.  There are many styles of yoga from “easy” more passive classes like yin and restorative, to physically intense classes like Vinyasa, Ashtanga, or Kundalini Yoga that have you sweating and working physically hard.

YOGA MYTH #6 ~ Yoga people are all vegetarians, hippies, minimalists, or super flexible ~  Yoga is really for anyone who strives to be mindful and want to live a healthy, happy, and relaxed life. At Golden Yogi we like to encourage members to 'touch your heart, and maybe your toes'.