We are focused on providing inspiring yoga classes in a range of styles - to serve our members needs, personal growth and transformation - encouraging clients to live happy, healthy, and in harmony. Our purpose is to develop a conscious community focused on optimum health through natural lifestyle choices to merge the mind, body, and spirit.

The Golden Yogi centre is dedicated to uplift and inspire clients through compassion and kindness. We are dedicated to provide inspiring yoga and meditation classes, preparing women for birth, developing conscious children, and maintaining optimum health to prevent degenerative diseases.  

Core Values:

-       Committed to offering students inspiring yoga classes in a range of yoga styles.

-       Dedicated to meeting client’s personal needs, abilities and lifestyle choices. 

-       Empowering women to prepare for labour and motherhood. 

-       Embracing the ancient traditions and science of Indian teachings.

-       Foster & support a conscious community.

-       'Living Lightly' and treading lightly on the planet, as much as possible.

Studio Features

Golden Yogi is an upmarket yoga, health, and wellness studio conveniently located in Takapuna (with easy motorway access). Our team of highly experienced teachers offer a wide variety of yoga styles to meet you where you are at, and take you where you want to go.

We offer a range of classes, events, wellness seminars,and a natural medicine clinic. The blissful atmosphere is inspiring to help you cultivate a deep inner state of awareness, happiness, and health. The studio is open seven days a week and offers a flexible schedule with lots of classes each week for you to choose from.

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