Yoga for Therapeutic Benefits 


Saturday 20th October - Monday 22nd October 2018 (Labour Weekend)


8.00am - 5.30pm Daily with a 1 hour lunch break.


Golden Yogi, Level 1 / 46 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland


Structural Movement Dynamics

Asana celebrates and cultivates both our facility for movement and our capacity for stillness. Movement makes us feel alive. Stability makes us feel safe. Both of these happen at the level of the joint. When we understand the functional movement of the joints, on both a universal and an individual basis, we discover the body’s potential for expansion and its capacity to change.

  • Discover the spectrum of movement that goes beyond our linear ideas about alignment.
  • Develop an eye of discernment for individual, healthy movement patterns. 
  • Distill the essence of poses and how to adapt them for every body.
  • Learn how to structure language to cue students into their unique alignment that supports integrity at the level of each major joint in the body. 
  • Establish a container of safety that promotes the freedom of possibility for every body in your room. Sthira sukha asanam.

Therapeutic Solutions for Common Situations

Yoga is a truly transformative practice. Asana practice strengthens our bodies, gives us more freedom of movement, builds a sense of community, cultivates confidence and faith in ourselves and awakens us to our potential.

AND we are in a physical body in a material world. Shituations happen. Sooner or later, something is going to break down, causing pain or injury. There are some key ways that this happens, many of which are preventable and/or reparable when we understand the science of structural integrity.

  • Understand the key elements that lead to injuries and how to avoid future suffering.
  • Learn the most common situations that students encounter and how to recognize them quickly. 
  • Detect the difference between injuries and compensations to more efficiently address the root of the problem.
  • Discover how to modify poses to create solutions that both prevent and rehab injuries.
  • Create short- and long-term paths to wellbeing that students enJOY practicing.

Therapeutic Spinal Dynamics

A healthy spine supports vital capacity, organic function, postural stability and freedom of movement.  Hippocrates wisely said, “Look to the spine for the cause of disease.”  We have curves in our spine to create buoyancy and space in the vertebral column. Without the internal support that these curves provide, compressive forces create discomfort and dis-ease.

  • Modern medicine has the tools to diagnose spinal disorders. It takes a depth of understanding and a keen eye to identify and map out a path to wellbeing.
  • Learn the common situations that cause discomfort in the spine, their contraindications and solutions to initiate freedom from pain. 
  • Distinguish between structural issues that are fixed versus postural/changeable; as well as conditions that are degenerative versus transitory. 
  • Recognize whether stability or mobility is more beneficial for individual needs and how to effectively teach with clear cues, modifications and adjustments.
  • Gain confidence in keeping students safe and supporting them in their individual process, meeting them where they are and shining a light on their possibilities.

This training is open to all students and teachers. Teachers may received CE credits with Yoga Alliance for the course.



The cost for this 25 Hour Intensive is $650* (NZ Dollars) or Earlybird Price $490* (NZ Dollars) if paid in full by 30th September 2018. 

* Please note this does not include food, accommodation or travel.


To register and secure your place in this teacher training course please click here to book online, or contact for course enquiries.


Leslie Kazadi 

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Certified as a yoga therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Leslie has worked with adults of all ages with many complex medical conditions. Her knowledge and experience have opened the doors to western medicine; she has designed and implemented protocols for yoga research studies, in physical therapy clinics, and contributed to articles in peer-reviewed medical journal.

As the former director of an IAYT school, she and Sherry Brourman co-created a year-long internship program for new yoga therapists. Certified as a SmartFLOW teacher, she has collaborated with Annie Carpenter on workshops for SmartFLOW advanced trainings in older adults, therapeutics and restorative yoga. She and Annie co-created a restorative yoga book, “Sukha: A Guide to Restorative Yoga.” Leslie’s yoga school, Alchemy Yoga Therapy, has 200-hr and 300-hr Teacher Training Programs registered with Yoga Alliance. Leslie is certified as C-IAYT, E-RYT500, YACEP with Yoga Alliance.

Known for her creative and perceptive style, Leslie’s teaches in an inclusive and approachable way. Believing in laughter as medicine, Leslie balances the depth of her knowledge with the lightness of her humor. This empowers her students to trust their intrinsic wisdom, shine their inner light, and dwell in their possibilities.


If you need to cancel your booking for the teacher training course we require notification in writing at least 30 days prior to the start date of the course.

  • All cancellations that are 3 months or more before the training will receive a full refund minus a $50NZD registration fee.
  • All cancellations that are between 1 - 3 months before the training will receive a 50% refund.
  • All cancellations that are less than 30 days prior to the start date of the course will not receive any refund of the course fees. 
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