We would like to thank all the people who speak and think so highly of us! We love what we do at Golden Yogi - and we LOVE sharing it with all our guests and helping them to feel amazing too! Enjoy some kind words ...


"Kundalini yoga is about as close to magic as any of us will probably experience in our lifetime. Whether you chose to believe the spiritual or scientific explanation for why it works, the results are the same. If you learn to still the mind, follow the exercises and trust in Erin’s instructions then the rewards are limitless. There is no doubt that it rebalances the hormones in your body leaving you feeling more at peace with life and prepared to take on life’s challenges. It detoxifies the body making you healthier and stronger. It strengthens the body giving you the energy to do what you want and it teaches you to still the mind so that you can focus on what you need to do, making you more productive, creative and motivated. For anyone that wants to build the life of their dreams then I would say Kundalini yoga is an essential part of that process."  ~ Kim ~

" This was the best class of the day for me - beautiful Kundalini, big breaths, only just coming down from the energy high now!" ~ Astrid Schirnack talks about the 'Elevate Your Energy' class at Wanderlust Festival ~ 

" Yin Yoga and Daphne Luke are symbiotic. To do Yin Yoga is to nurture yourself and to give back to your body what you have denied it in the name of fitness. Daphne guides you with experience and a deep understanding of the role of fascia in flexibility and importantly the variations in body capability. She does this with humour and genuine care for your physical and spiritual health. Yin Yoga with Daphne is the pivot around which my health revolves." ~ Fiona Sayes ~   

" Daphne's enthusiasm is infectious and her empathy makes everyone in her class feel special " ~ Helen & Ken ~    

" I have been Erin's student during my pregnancy, and she became a very special part of my life. From the very first class I loved yoga and Erin! I feel like I am just beginning my yoga journey and I am so lucky to have Erin as my guide. She has really helped me grow in my practice - both physically and mentally. Each of Erin's classes are different, but at the end of each one, I feel like I have explored physical and mental territory, that I never would have gotten to unless I was in that room for that session." ~ Anastasia ~  

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Possibly the BEST thing about being a yoga & meditation teacher is getting heart warming feedback from lovely Golden Yogi members. Everyone gets different things out of coming to class, but overall we share the same goal to nurture our body's, minds and souls. If you would like to share your thoughts on our classes we would be delighted to hear from you ... Love & Golden Light ~