Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Training level 1

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday 4th March - Friday 9th March 2018


8.30am - 5.30pm (1 hr break included)


Golden Yogi, Level 1 / 46 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland

Yin Yoga and Anatomy COURSE DETAILS

This intensive level I 50-hour training is a certified stand-alone teacher training course and is also the foundation stone and first of four modules that make up Yin Therapy’s 200hour Yoga Alliance recognised Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training.  

Yin  Yoga  is “the  other  half”  of  yoga.    It  is  the  complementary  practice  to  all yang  forms  of exercise  e.g.  yang  styles  of  yoga,  dance or  sport. As  our  lives  become  increasingly  more  fast-paced  and  stressful,  the  popularity  of  Yin  Yoga  has  increased dramatically  in  Europe,  America and  also  Australasia  due  to  the  urgent  need  for  balance  on  a  physical,  mental  and  emotional level.  

Yin  Yoga  stimulates  the fascia –  the  connective  tissue, ligaments,  tendons, joints resulting  in  a deeply  relaxing  practice  while  creating “space”  in  the  body,  de-stressing  the  mind  and  re-energising the soul.  

The backbone of Yin Yoga and thus this training is yoga anatomy from a functional perspective. The  mystery  will  be  solved  why  you  or  your  students  may  be  having  difficulty  doing  certain poses.  Through a series of practical tests, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to confidently  teach  Yin  Yoga  with  a  deep  understanding  for  anatomical  variation  which  will benefit  one’s  own  practice  as  well  as  the  teaching  of  not  only Yin  Yoga,  but  all  forms  of  yoga, dance, sport, massage and bodywork.

This intensive 50-hour Teacher Training is the foundation stone and first module of a 200 hour Yin Therapy Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training.

Main Topics of Study:

Yin Yoga Asanas

This section covers the theory and practice for teaching 20 yin yoga poses, including their specific characteristics and their effects.

Yoga Anatomy

Anatomical understanding of not only the individual bone structure but also the muscular, connective, fascial and ligament tissues is an essential prerequisite for an effective yoga teacher.

7-Point Analysing Principle for Assists - Theory

This Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Training focuses less on teaching set assists and much more on introducing a 7-point analysis principle, which you can then use for every known yoga pose and for each individual student.

7-point Analysing Principle - Practical Tests

In the Yin Yoga and Anatomy Teacher Training, we’ll study and apply a series of practical tests for analysing the bone structure, compression and tension of our students.  We will have the opportunity to learn – in a safe environment – to read a human being, to sense our own limitations and to test and recognise those of others.  Eventually, with the benefit of myriad insights and enhanced self-awareness, we will be able to assess the needs and limitations of any individual student.

For more detailed information about the training click here and for the syllabus you can visit the Yin Therapy website.



This 50-hour intensive programme was created for certified and aspiring yoga teachers as well as dedicated yoga students with a minimum of 2 years yoga experience who simply wish to delve more into the world of yin yoga for their own practice.


The cost for this 50 Hour intensive is $1200* (NZ Dollars) or Earlybird Price $1050* (NZ Dollars) if paid in full by 30th November 2017. 

200 Hour Yin Therapy Programme

The cost for this full 200hr YYTT /4 modules is $4400* (NZ Dollars) or Earlybird Price $3900* (NZ Dollars) if paid in full by 31 December 2017.

Payment plans and scholarships available, please contact events@goldenyogi.co.nz

* Please note this does not include food, accommodation or travel.


To register and secure your place in the next Yin Therapy teacher training course please click here to book online, or contact events@goldenyogi.co.nz for course enquiries.


If you need to cancel your booking for the teacher training course we require notification in writing at least 30 days prior to the start date of the course.

  • All cancellations that are 3 months or more before the training will receive a full refund minus a $50NZD registration fee.
  • All cancellations that are between 1 - 3 months before the training will receive a 50% refund.
  • All cancellations that are less than 30 days prior to the start date of the course will not receive any refund of the course fees. 


Markus Henning Giess & Karin Michelle Sang

Yin Therapy co-founders and international yoga teachers Markus Henning Giess and Karin Michelle Sang are certified yoga teachers from Power Yoga founder Bryan Kest and their Yin Yoga teachers and mentors Paul & Suzee Grilley, with whom Markus also assists on their trainings.  Markus has also completed an intensive teacher training with Insight Yoga founder Sarah Powers.

Originally professional dancers, they combine their extensive experience in dance, performance, bodywork, traditional Thai massage, Reiki, meditation and yoga to offer teacher training courses and workshops with an holistic and therapeutic approach combined with practical, hands on, experiential learning.

Markus and Karin currently offer their Yoga Alliance recognised 200hr Yin Yoga & Anatomy Teacher Training course and workshops throughout Germany, in Switzerland, Austria, Australia and New Zealand. Markus and Karin are known for their inspired, educational and fascinating style of shedding light on the yin side of yoga. Their non-dogmatic style of teaching, makes yoga anatomy entertaining and enlightening. 

  Please note : Some of these photo's are the property of Yin Therapy, and are not taken at the Golden Yogi studio.                  

Please note: Some of these photo's are the property of Yin Therapy, and are not taken at the Golden Yogi studio.








"There are no rules! Blew my mind - loved it! It totally makes sense and feels very liberating. It has opened my mind and heart. I love Markus and Karin, their background, their trainings, their knowledge, their hearts and desire to share. I love that this is being shared - breaks down barriers within the yoga community. It's very beautiful and it makes sense. I feel inspired and want to learn more from them both." (Kristina A. - Yoga Teacher and Studio Owner in Napier, NZ)

“A fabulous training! Thank you both so much for your passion & commitment & for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I have felt encouraged & supported throughout the entire week. Gratitude.” (YYTT I Melbourne 2016) – Anna K. yoga teacher, Tasmania

“Wow! What an incredible journey. Thank you so much for such an insightful week. You’ve inspired, shared & helped me to reach a deeper understanding of myself & how I want to teach. See you in level 2.”  (YYTT I Melbourne 2016) - Alice J. yoga teacher, Melbourne

“I’ve always believed that what the teacher is, is more important then what he teaches. When you study with great teachers you learn much more from their caring and hard work than from their style. It’s our absolute honour and pleasure to host you in Melbourne! It’s been a wonderful week seeing this newly formed Yin Yoga community grow and shine. Lots of love with gratitude!!” (YYTT I Melbourne 2016) - Eva Zhai, director of Flying Masters Yoga Event Organiser, Melbourne

“With much gratitude I would like to thank you for the last 6 days. I have learnt and felt so much. I feel so very excited about future trainings. The dynamic between you two is great to be around! I think of the saying “What comes from the heart touches the heart”. Thanks for all the work and time you put into your trainings. I really appreciate what you have created. Namaste.” (YYTT I Melbourne 2016) – Libby M. yoga teacher, Melbourne

 Hosted by Golden Yogi

Hosted by Golden Yogi

Yin Yoga Teacher Class with Karin
Prenatal RYT Teacher Training Auckland NZ Golden Yogi
 Teachers : Markus Giess and Karin Sang

Teachers : Markus Giess and Karin Sang

For more detailed information about the training click here and for the syllabus you can visit the Yin Therapy website