At the Golden Yogi Wellness Clinic, we focus on treating each person as an individual by supporting the health of the whole person.  The Golden Yogi Practitioners come from different healing backgrounds but all have a holistic philosophy towards health and healing.  The diverse services that we offer in our integrative clinic gives you the choice to support your health and heal your body and mind according to your preferences.  



Naturopathy has the ability to address any health concern, and is particularly effective at treating, managing and addressing both chronic and acute health conditions. We treat clients as a whole person within a dynamic environment - the person is treated, not the symptom. Natural therapies can be used to restore health and prevent disease exclusively, or used alongside conventional medical treatment.  By working with your specific needs and lifestyle we can come up with a customized plan, which suits you best to ensure you are achieving the optimum results.  Visit about a Naturopath Consultation to find out more.



Massage is an age old technique used to relieve tension and pain by applying pressure and release techniques to areas of the body creating relaxation.



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