NATUROPATHIC Consultations

We offer customised wellness plans to overcome and benefit your health and lifestyle, with a pure and natural approach. We focus on natural alternatives for healing using prescribed targeted herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, wholefood eating plans, exercise, and lifestyle changes. We offer you an entirely new approach to regaining and maintaining wellness - instead of being the ambulance at the end of the road, we focus on preventive medicine. One on One Practitioners Consultations offer you the best chance of tackling a health condition or maximising your health and vitality. 

Your Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation the Practitioner will obtain your medical history, perform a complete physical exam, provide nutritional and dietary recommendations, recommend laboratory testing, and provide you with the outline of a health plan. 

Before Your First Visit

Prior to your scheduled visit we ask you to complete the comprehensive health assessment form provided. The form is about 7 pages and we ask patients to allocate one hour to thoroughly complete this form. The information you provide helps us properly assess your health requirements. The form acts as a skeleton for the detailed history that will be obtained from you during your initial visit. If required please bring copies of labwork or imaging to be reviewed.  

Click to download the Health Assessment Form.

Please remember to bring with you:

  • Your completed health history assessment - this maximises your time with the practitioner.
  • Any recent relevant lab results, medical notes, etc.


Included in your Initial Consultation

  • 60 minutes of un-interrupted time with practitioner. (45 minutes for children)
  • Detailed review of medical history and current symptoms.
  • Physical exam and review of current lifestyle.
  • Specialised laboratory testing recommendations - if required.
  • A customised Wellness Plan for your health condition.


Your customised Wellness Plan could include:

  • Personalised nutritional plan.
  • Supplement & Herbal Medicine regimen with descriptions and dosing of each.
  • A yoga, meditation, and exercise plan that will appeal to your personal preferences and requirements.
  • As appropriate: Sleep Hygiene plan, Stress Management plan, Allergy management plan, Asthma management plan etc.
  • Healthy lifestyle recommendations.

Follow Up Appointments:

Further follow up appointments can then be made to review your progress to date on your plan, discuss laboratory results, and update your plan depending on your results and your progress to date.

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Alternatively ~ to make a leap on your ladder to wellness, please send us a quick message. After that you can expect a follow up and personalised consultation super soon.

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