What is the Naturopathic philosophy?

The focus of the naturopathic philosophy is to uncover the fundamental cause of a disease, dysfunction, or symptom; bring the body into balance, support its ability to heal, and sustain the conditions required for optimal health to thrive in.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine (or phytotherapy) has been widely used for centuries and today is prescribed by thousands of naturopaths, herbalists and doctors worldwide. Herbal medicines are made from specific plants and plant extracts. Herbal medicine prescribed by a qualified practitioner can support the health of the whole body may be used to assist the functioning of a number of vital systems in the body including the digestive, respiratory, immune, detoxification and nervous systems.

I buy supplements from a store, what advantages are there in seeing a qualified Naturopath?

People believe that by taking supplements they are enhancing their health.  The media is always trying to convince you that you need this great new product. But are you really taking what is best for you?  This one size fits all philosophy doesn’t work as we are all unique.  By visiting a Qualified Naturopath & Registered Medical Herbalist you are professionally prescribed what is right for you and you only.   The “practitioner only” strength and range of supplements means you are assured of both quality and efficacy of what you are putting into your body. Ultimately, you will be benefiting both your pocket and your health.

What to expect at a healing or massage appointment?

Healing - A warm welcome followed by a consultation with Sue.  She will ask questions to better understand your health to help restore balance to your life and relationships with others.   Tools may be offered in the way of breaths, energy care and lifestyle suggestions. This will be followed by the healing itself. You will be asked to remove only your shoes and jewellery and then to lie on the healing table. Sue will work with her hands at a short distance from your body, or sometimes with a light touch, inviting you to relax and close your eyes.  After this you will be shown to the stool to complete your healing.

Massage - In a positive and professional environment you will be invited to discuss where tension is felt in the body.   Massage, this ancient art of relaxation involves lying under a towel in a warm room dressed in an undergarment and various trained techniques of release, press and gliding movements are used to soften knots in the muscles bringing relief, health and over all wellbeing. 

Can healing or massage do harm?

Healing - Healing is gentle, no harm can be done.  On the rare occasion recipients may feel worse for a short period of time before improving. 

Massage - Massage depending on the recipient’s needs, will be gentle or firm. Relaxation of muscles and stress points can be a little tender for a short period but will have an ongoing positive effect.



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