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Joan spent fifteen years as a distinguished YogaWorks Senior Teacher before bringing her expertise to Wanderlust Hollywood as the Director of Teacher Trainings in 2016. Joan’s teachings come from an organic and intuitive place, as she draws upon the combined studies of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga as well as Ayurveda and meditation.


Friday 15th - Sunday 17th February 2019


Golden Yogi, Level 1 - 46 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland


Friday 15th Feb, 1.00pm - 5.00pm

How to Teach Advanced Asanas

Learn what is included in an advanced practice and how to break down advanced postures to make them more accessible to your students. Practicing advanced postures can teach us to be more disciplined and leave us feeling stronger and more alert. In this workshop, we will break down the elements that make up an advanced practice and then go deep into our asana practice breaking down poses that seem challenging and unattainable. We will review the sequence and component parts taught so you will leave being able to help your students and yourself advance in the yoga practice!

4 Hour teacher Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Workshop
For teachers and practitioners wanting to increase their asana knowledge

Saturday 16th Feb, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Healing Your Lower Back Through Yoga

Learn how to heal your low back through yoga postures that build strength in your legs and core to support your sacrum. The sacrum is the key to stability in the lower back. It is the fulcrum point in our bodies from which all movement happens. If the surrounding muscles are not stable, the ligaments and joints in the lower back will be stressed. In this workshop, you will learn about the muscles and bones surrounding the low back area and evaluate the standing poses and core exercises needed to build strength here. Hip openers and breath awareness adds to the healing by pacifying the low back so your students leave feeling free of low back pain and gain the tools to help them stay there!

Saturday 16th Feb, 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Pick Ups & Jump Backs

Embody the lifting up components of picking up and jumping back by exploring the bandhas. We will also explore handstands helping us to understand how to root down to rise up which will teach us many things about how our body works! You will begin by investigating each part of the Sun Salutations, the basis of ashtanga yoga, and exploring how to link the ujjayi breath and bandhas. We will then take flight and learn different ways of entering and exiting handstands helping our practice feel more alive and exhilarating! There will be brief discussion about the bandhas and the heighten effects that happen when we tap into this subtle energy . All levels are welcome!

Sunday 17th Feb, 9.30am - 12.30pm

Understand the Shoulder Girdle Through Asana

Healthy shoulders make for better inversions and add more longevity to our practice. With the multiple downward dogs and chatarungas of your daily vinyasa practice, your shoulders can be vulnerable to injury over time. Learn how to use props and alignment cues to better understand how to stabilize your shoulders, helping you access other postures and prevent impingent. This workshop will start with a lecture pointing out the bones and muscles that make up the shoulder girdle and teach you how to move safely from your shoulder blades while protecting the vulnerable muscles like your rotator cuffs. We'll then move into a shoulder-focused asana practice, which will include inversions and some backbends. You'll learn ways to work with a strap that will help you understand how to externally rotate your shoulders, creating stability in this joint and reducing injury. See how specific alignment cues can help you access other postures like backbends and inversions safely by looking at bodies and seeing the movement of the shoulder blades. Practice and learn at the same time while creating a sustainable safe yoga practice!

Sunday 17th Feb,1.30pm - 3.30pm

Pranayama and the Koshas - The Layers

Pranayama removes the veil covering the light of knowledge and destroys delusion which allows the inner light of wisdom to shine. This lecture will include a brief discussion about the benefits of pranayama and the subtle body including the five koshas which are known as the layers in our bodies. We will discuss healthy habits in keeping our inner body bright and learn pranayama practices to help you shine bright from the inside out! The lecture will be followed by a pranayama practice and brief meditation on awakening our inner light.



The cost for these Workshops:

2 Hours : $40 each workshop

3 Hours : $60 each workshop

4 Hours : $80 each workshop

For ALL 5 x Workshops : $250


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Joan Hyman

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Joan Hyman’s grounded teaching style seamlessly supports her students as they emerge from their practice with the rich and bright energy that yoga has to offer. Joan’s teachings come from an organic and intuitive place, as she draws upon the combined studies of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga as well as Ayurveda and meditation. An authentic modern-day yogi, Joan's love and devotion show up in her practice and throughout her teaching, you will leave her class feeling transformed and deeply aligned.

Joan spent fifteen years as a distinguished YogaWorks Senior Teacher before bringing her expertise to Wanderlust as the Director of Teacher Trainings in 2016. Now, with over twenty years’ experience leading retreats, trainings, and international workshops, Joan continues to travel the globe leading her own signature trainings. In addition, Joan partners with yoga schools in various corners of the world on their teacher training programs. Joan’s open-hearted approach to teaching yoga keeps both her inner spirit and her students continuously evolving.

As a leader in the Los Angeles yoga community, Joan also contributes to popular blogs such as The Daily Love, Elephant Journal, and Wanderlust. She has been featured in Yoga Journal, ORIGIN Magazine and Women’s Health for her advice and expertise on health and wellness. Joan’s open hearted approach to teaching yoga keeps both her inner spirit and her students continuously evolving.


“Joan is a legend. She drives you right into your goals, all you have to do is SHOW UP. She has a wonderful way of easing you into things you never thought you could do, without forcing you there – making you believe you can do them, and haven’t you heard that yoga is mostly mental? Flexibility helps, but it’s how you approach the poses and your attitude towards them that makes the difference. She is a fairly famous yogi, but has not succumbed to the celebrity attitude. Her teaching is pure and loving, and she will take care of you! It only took one class with her for me to get hooked – I try to make her classes whenever I possibly can because they are a treat!” - Testimonial by yogi929 on

"Joan's years of dedication and study make her a teacher to study with and one I always recommend to my students."  - Maty Ezraty

“Joan Hyman is not only skilled at teaching a strong yoga class that pushes one to their limits, but she also brings in a wealth of information about yoga and a considerate heart for all types of students. I feel safe taking their class, and that is rare.” - Jeanne Heileman, Yoga Teacher

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