What is it? How does it help you?

Homeopathy is a holistic form of medicine. In addressing a state of dis-ease (not at ease), it
considers the unique emotional and physical traits of the individual concerned. In orthodox medicine
several people suffering from stomach flu would receive the same diagnosis and the same kind of
treatment even though they might not present with the same kind of symptoms, nor react to them
in the same manner. One person may be irritable, another tearful, while another finds it difficult to
relax and is restless. In homeopathy the remedy is chosen to match the exact symptoms as closely as
possible, so that each person will receive a different remedy. How did this come about?

While studying the toxicology of the Peruvian bark physician Samuel Hahnemann(1755-1843) was
struck by the similarity between quinine poisoning and malaria, against which it was used. This
resemblance led to the ingenuous idea that the paradox of this similarity might not so much be
coincidental as rather the very basis of the drug’s healing effect; that quinine might cure malaria not
in spite but because of that similarity. This led Hahnemann to conduct a series of experiments and
he then established the fact that, indeed, any medicine will cure the kind of disease the symptoms of
which happen to be most like those symptoms it produces in healthy people when consistently
ingested. This was the foundation for the “Law of Similars”. This principle of “like cures like”- as
described above is the basis of homeopathy.

Imagine what happens when we cut an onion (Allium cepa)? Our eyes stream and burn and we feel
symptoms exactly like when we are getting a cold. Hence, onion in a diluted form is used to abolish a
cold in its formative stage.

Homeopathic remedies work by helping the body’s immune system help itself. They consider more
than just the physical symptoms of an illness; they emphasise prevention and the involvement of
individuals in their own healing process. They work to empower the individual to find their own
health and wholeness. The vitality or energy in the body is what is considered the vital force and if
this is impaired or thwarted in any way (stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, hereditary problems, or
environmental influences) illness can result. Homeopathy works to support the optimum functioning
of the vital force. To ensure this vital force responds in the most effective way homeopaths must
choose the remedy that matches as accurately as possible the presenting symptoms. It a very
individualised process.

what happens at a homeopathic consultation?

The homeopathic consultation is the time when the homeopath and client come together to explore the
details about the presenting complaint. Past medical history as well as inherited familial
predispositions are considered. The client is invited to share information about their sleep patterns,
their diet and lifestyle. Energy levels and personality traits are discussed, as well as an exploration of
significant events that have occurred which might have a contributing factor to the presenting
complaint. As the key aspect of Homeopathy is the individualisation of the case, the homeopath is
looking for the characteristic symptoms in each case that differentiates the remedies to find the best
match or Simillimum.

This holistic approach is best expressed by the words of the doctor and philosopher Albert
Schweitzer (1857-1965) who said: “Within every patient there resides a doctor and we as physicians
are at our best when we put our patients in touch with the doctor inside themselves.”

Your Initial Consultation

Before Your First Visit

Prior to your scheduled visit we ask you to complete a initial consultation form provided. The information you provide helps us properly assess your health requirements. The form acts as a skeleton for the detailed history that will be obtained from you during your initial visit. 

Included in your Initial Consultation

  • 90 minutes of un-interrupted time with practitioner. (60 minutes for children)

  • Detailed review of medical history and current symptoms.

  • A customised Homeopath Plan for your health condition.

Follow Up Appointments:

45 minute follow up appointments to review your progress with the homeopathy plan and make changes to the homeopathy remedy required.