BNatMed and Yoga Teacher RYT 200

Naturopath and Medical Herbalist

In 2008 my love for travel and learning saw me move from Barcelona to Melbourne, to complete my registered yoga teacher training (RYT 200) with Somachi Yoga. Inspired by my regular yoga practice, fellow practitioners, and newfound students I returned home to New Zealand soon after and completed a Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine (BNatMed). Since then, my work with a wide range of clients, coupled with personal experience, has led me to develop a passion for healthy skin.

Our skin acts as a mirror reflecting back to us the current state of our internal and external health. Triggers for common skin conditions come from both our outer and inner environments; what we eat, the way we move and how we sleep affects our skin as much as everyday topical products and monthly treatments. Our body's surface will continue to act as a reflection of any imbalance until targeted treatment clears the cause.

I enjoy using the tools and knowledge I have gained from over a decade working in the health and wellness industry to create health plans unique to my clients' needs. By using individualised blends of nutrition, herbal medicine, supplements, and lifestyle advice, I aim to treat the root cause of frequent flare-ups and skin concerns that continue to persist and have not responded to previous treatment. I listen to my clients, and encourage my clients to listen to their bodies, in order to learn what they need to do (or not do!) to maintain clear, healthy skin and optimal wellbeing.

When I’m not seeing clients in the clinic or teaching yoga in the studio (find out more about my adventures in yoga here), I’m writing about yoga, well-being, travel, interesting people, and nature. Either that or I'm at the beach enjoying a healthy serving of slip slop slap.

Listen to your body, love the skin you're in.

Read more about Dani: www.daniramaekers.co.nz

Private Yoga Session

Private yoga lessons focus on supporting your health and wellbeing. I encourage students to enjoy working with their bodies to build strength, develop flexibility and speed up the healing and rehabilitation process.

During a private yoga lesson, I utilise all the tools and knowledge I have gained from over ten years of teaching, studying, and working within the health and wellness industry, to treat the individual needs of my clients. This ranges from increasing strength, enhancing flexibility, or learning safe, individual modifications specific to rotator cuff injuries, back injuries, hip replacements, or common conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.

You will learn sequences specific to your needs, gain tools for stress management and relief, and discover how to begin, maintain, rehabilitate, or deepen your personal practice.

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