~ dani ramaekers ~

Training Certificates or Qualifications:  Bachelors of Naturopathy, Diploma in Herbal Medicine, 200 RYT Somachi Yoga Melbourne, Bliss Baby Prenatal Yoga. 

Yoga Influences: Innate curiosity!

Inspirational teachers: Lianne Metcalf, the founder of Somachi Yoga, was my first teacher and her style has always stayed with me. She taught a mix of Vinyasa, Tai Chi and Dance with roots in both Buddhist & Yogic philosophy. The freedom of merging different elements inspires curiosity. Learning and growth follow naturally.

Background: Travel has woven itself into my life from an early age, and led me to spend a year living in Melbourne in 2008. I completed my teacher training there with Somachi Yoga, teaching a fusion of Vinyasa Flow, Tai Chi and dance before returning home to Auckland and completing a Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine (BNatMed).

Since then I have worked with many studios, groups and one-on-one clients in Auckland, using a fusion of yoga and naturopathy, coupled with a belief that health is unique to the individual, to create bespoke health plans, yoga classes, workshops and events. Along the way I have served as an Ambassador for Lululemon New Zealand, contributed to Viva, Stuff, M2 Woman and TVNZ, and collaborated with Little Bird Organics and Huckleberrys Whole Foods.

If I'm not out there discovering more and writing it down, I'm usually at the beach, sunbathing with a Frenchie named Lola and reading a good book.

Why I practice: There’s something freeing about flowing with movement and breath. It allows you to let go and create space. All sorts of creative things can happen from there. 

Why I teach: To share and help others discover the benefits of yoga and natural medicine. And to learn more - I learn so much from students!

Favourite quotes:

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde

To learn more about Dani visit her website.

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