Training Certificates or Qualifications:  Teaching since 2011; over 1,000 public teaching hours, 200-Hour Vinyasa Training, YogaWorks with Joan Hyman, Birthlight Prenatal and Postnatal Training with Dr. Francoise Freedman, SmartFLOW Advanced Teacher Training with Annie Carpenter, Bandha Yoga with Dr. Ray Long, Yoga for Older Adults, Restoratives and Therapeutics with Leslie Kazadi, Over 1,000 advanced teacher training and continuing education programs with Carrie Owerko, David Kim, Jason Crandell, and Alexandria Crow (Yoga Alliance-accredited)

Yoga Influences: Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Bandha Yoga and Birthlight Yoga

Inspirational teachers: Annie Carpenter, Joan Hyman, Dr. Francoise Freedman, Dr. Ray Long, Lasse Holopainen

Background: I am a mother of 3, who moved to Auckland in 2017 to live a healthier personal and family life. I have worked as a banker, marketing and business strategy consultant and an entrepreneur while becoming a Yoga Teacher and studio owner in the Philippines. Chronic back pain, bad posture and a busy lifestyle led me to the practice of Yoga to find healing and balance in 2007. Since then, the practice has become a valuable part of our family life – building the awareness to make the least harmful choices; promoting kindness and a sense of adventure to become our best. 

Why I practice: My day is always better when I put in a practice – be it a simple 15-minute breath exercise to begin the day with a quiet mind, or an intense Vinyasa practice to invigorate and energize or a simple subtle body restorative to heal and reconnect with myself. A yoga practice makes my day mindful and balanced and that has a residual effect on everyone I care for and connect with.  

Why I teach: I am really interested in helping people live healthy and happy lives. As a teacher, my goal is to help my students realize and reach their own potential through the understanding and cultivation of the physical body. I take a scientific approach because I have an intense curiosity as to why things work the way they do and I have applied this to both my practice and approach to teaching.

Favourite quotes:

“Avoid future suffering.“


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