Yoga Nidra ~ Yogic Sleep


At this time of year, it can feel as though everything is speeding up as we race towards the finish line of the end of the year. With work commitments to be completed, increasing social engagements, pressures of Christmas (both financial and social), feelings of overwhelm can increase and we can be left feeling a little less than sparkly.

With so much to do as the holiday season approaches, it may not seem like the best time to be talking to you about the importance of rest! And yet, it is precisely when we feel like we couldn’t possibly spare a single minute to indulge in something time-wasting as rest, that we need it the most. You cannot serve from an empty cup, after all, and when we continuously go go go, without taking the appropriate time to rest, we are mentally and physically exhausting ourselves.

At Golden Yogi, we offer the ultimate relaxation experience - a deeply restful and healing practice called Yoga Nidra (which means ‘Yogic Sleep’). Yoga Nidra is an incredibly effective form of rest for both body and mind – it encourages deep physical release and relaxation in the body and it quietens the busyness of the mind.

To practice yoga Nidra, you lie on the floor in Savasana. There, you’ll be guided to sense the body and breathe in specific ways to incite a relaxation response in you. This relaxation response is the secret sauce to Yoga Nidra because it balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems allowing you to unwind into various, beneficial brainwave states, where our bodies restore and heal themselves naturally.

Science experts agree that an hour of Yoga Nidra practice is the equivalent of 3 hours of deep sleep. You will leave the practice feeling well-rested, refreshed and recharged. Feeling more present and with more energy for your children, partner, colleagues and with greater clarity of mind to perform at work and to get through the day without being exhausted by it all. It’s like having the best nap of your life without actually going to sleep!

Yoga Nidra will be offered on the 2019 Timetable on Sunday’s at 4.30pm in the Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra class (90 minute class) and 6 Week Yoga Nidra Courses throughout the year.

Written by: Jo Eng