Yoga Music

The countless time I’ve been in a class and fallen deeply in love with a song that I have no idea the name of. While trying to remain present and in the moment, I have at times tried to make a conscious effort to remember to ask my teacher the name of that mysterious piece of music; all the while being swept away by another beautiful song or often times hijacked by my many thoughts. If we end up in pigeon at any point, every emotion under the sun will likely arise and the chance of remembering even the start of the class goes straight out the window. Once I reach Shavasana I’m in a state of utter bliss, from there I will float out of class, make my way home and think to myself ‘I forgot to ask what that song was!!’ For me this story only seems to repeat it-self.

I thought many of you would enjoy some inspiring yoga music to start your collection or to add to it, so I asked some of the teachers at the studio some of their favourites that inspire them.

Here were the songs they contributed…

Helene Taito Jenson

Ben Leinbach- Mother’s Wingspan

Dj Drez- Floating Sweetness

Heather & Benjy Wertheimer- Baba Hanuman

Krishna Das- Heart as Wide as the World (Sri Ram Jai Ram)

Nadaka- Om


Janine Croft

Ben Howard - Only Love

Deva Premal- Chidananda

Dj Drez- A Sadhu Walk

Mirabai Ceiba- Ong Namo 

Sara Tavares- Exala

Trevor Hall- The Lime tree 

Xavier Rudd- Spirit Bird 


Jessica Mackie

Akyanna- Ra Ma Da Sa

Desert Dwellers- Lotus Heart

Dj Drez- Nectar Drop

Jon Hopkins- Immunity

Steve Gold- There Is So Much Magnificence 

Wah!- Heart Sutra 



Josephine O’Sullivan


James Vincent- Wicked Games

Jane Winther- Om

Masood Ali Khan- Bhakti Gita

Message to the Bears- You Are a Memory 

Rockey Heron- Lullaby of Lakshmi


Written by Nicole Ander