Spring Cleansing

There is a clear-crisp feeling in the air that has the power to reveal new visions and inspires new possibilities.  In nature this is the best time to plant seeds, we can mirror nature’s way in our lives by sowing the seeds we wish to harvest in the upcoming months. So when the spring equinox passes on September 23rd, the shift in universal energy will infuse us with the inspiration to ‘spring’ into action setting us up for the season ahead - summer!  

As an acupuncturist we look at health in relation to the seasons, if you have had a challenging winter, look back to your experience of autumn – often stressful autumn months result in stress on the immune system in winter.  With September in full-swing, you now have a chance to reconnect to the start of a new cycle and connect with health practices that will reward you in the seasons to come.  Perhaps it’s time to see your naturopath to receive a herbal remedy to enhance your constitution and gain some lifestyle tweaks, or consider rolling out that yoga mat that’s been away much of the winter,  or visit an acupuncturist to balance your system.

In winter there is a natural tendency to indulge in comfort foods, that which keeps us warm and reminds us of childhood – which is a necessary part of nurture for the year.  Spring then offers natural energy to shift to eating lighter meals to align with lighter days.   This season your body may start to let go of warm foods and broths and you may feel like adding a little more salad to your diet again or even a green smoothie!  A good idea is to have a green smoothie in the afternoon around 3pm to honour the time of the liver, which is the organ that relates to spring! Blend coconut water, spinach, kale, pear and a medjool date together for a cleansing spring delight.  


Written by Angie Gervan