Observing Self-Talk

I recently attended a workshop here at Golden Yogi, which was run by Erin O’Hara. The workshop was focusing on the power of vision boards, meditation, and manifestation. During this workshop something that stood out to me, is the strength of words and the effect they can have on us.

Of course growing up we learn that there are things we cannot do, simply for safety, and morals, and getting along in society; however, often there are also unnecessary limitations put on us, which we take on board; they begin to trespass and seep deep into our thoughts, which then harbor in our mind, and before we know it they become part of our self-talk. These limitations have the power to shape our thoughts, of how capable we think we are, or how possible we think something is, which in turn can begin to hinder us; but…only if you let them.

Since this workshop I have begun acknowledging and observing my own self-talk. Thoughts so regularly come in and out of the mind, and because our brains filter through so many, it can sometimes be hard to catch yourself, before you’re then distracted by the next. While it isn’t always easy, it is possible to stop those negative thoughts in their tracks, and in the week following the workshop, I did just that. I have come to realise a lot of my “limitations", aren’t in fact limitations at all; they’re merely just negative self-talk, that I have unknowingly been overlooking.

So from one student to another, I encourage you to tune into your own self-talk and inspire your mind to harvest more empowering thoughts; leaving behind any thoughts, that are restricting you, in any way, from day to day.

Written by Nicole Ander