Restore Your Energy


What is restorative yoga?
A slow, gentle and nurturing practice that facilitates exploration into breath awareness and mindful movement deep within the body. Through a sequence of slow, considered movements (sometimes using yoga props) and focused breathing, this practice helps to move stagnant energy in the body and release tension.

Restorative Yoga at home or the office

How: Invite yourself to lie with your legs up the wall, chair, bed or couch.

Why: As an energy pick up – a healthy alternative to a piece of chocolate or cup of coffee!

When: A good time to try this is after lunch or at the end of your working day to help transition into the afternoon or evening, or just before bed. Try this with young children about, even for a “mama restore minute” as this often helps to extend a sense of calmness to them too!

The result - a nourishing replenishment for our physical, energetic and emotional well-being.

From practicing this for just a few minutes a day, a deep sense of restfulness and a revived sense of calm will be rewarded. When you have established a daily routine of 1-3 minutes, work up to 10 minutes which can deeply renew our vital energy allowing us to be more effective through the day.

Legs up the wall works by allowing the diaphragm to relax, therefore breath and energy (Qi) can flow freely through the torso extending out to all the extremities. The stillness in movement helps to calm the central nervous system and move us to our parasympathetic nervous system. This also allows all the blood to return to the central core and nourish all the organs, helping to top up their vital Qi (energy).

By Ange Gervan, Golden Yogi Acupuncturist