Moving Through the Seasons

It has been a summer to remember with warm tropical temperatures.  We may want to hold onto the light and warmth that we've enjoyed, or perhaps we're looking forward to the cooler months ahead. No matter our preference the wheel is about to turn and we must roll with it.  This time of changing seasons presents an opportunity to re-evaluate your lifestyle and boost your immunity before the cooler months settle in.  Here are five tips to help you transition seamlessly and supercharge your health...

Cleanse your body 

Moving into Autumn is the perfect time to reconsider your diet, to cleanse and re-balance the body before the winter bugs get the chance to sneak in. Embrace the offering of the delicious variety of fresh fruit and vegetables available. Enjoy fresh pumpkins, parsnips, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, figs, and berries. Maybe challenge yourself for a week and remove all processed foods and sugary treats from your diet. Focus all your meals and snacks around fresh fruits, vegetable, nuts, seeds, and wholegrains to cleanse your palette. A clean diet will help your digestive function improve and boost your overall health. In natural medicine, we regularly look at disease starting with poor detoxification from the digestive system.

Boost Your Immunity

With the changing season, now is the time to boost your immune system to prepare your body before winter. Some of my favourite natural immunity boosters are: eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink at least 8 cups of mineral water daily, Vitamins like B, C, and D, zinc and CMD (Concentrated Mineral Drops); or medicinal super boosting herbs like Echinacea, Withania, Astragalus, Andrographis, Garlic, Olive leaf, Shiitake mushroom, and Ginger. Our Pure Cure Clinic can make up herbal formulations specific to your needs.

Move your Body

During the warmer summer months we love to spend more time outside. Naturally we are more likely to move our bodies and enjoy walking and swimming at the beach. As the temperature begin to drop in the months to come, don’t let it stop you from moving your body and enjoying the fresh Autumn breeze. While the summer motivation is high, create a regular routine to move your body on a daily basis. Find an enjoyable way to gently move your body to keep yourself fit and healthy. Great options could be walking, yoga, swimming, going to the gym, cycling, or find a dance class to get your groove on!

Embrace a Daily Meditation practice

We quiet often put a lot of emphasis on keeping the physical body balanced but it is just as important to take the time to de-clutter the mind.  If you have never done a meditation practice you can start simply with a home meditation practice of 5 – 11 minutes of a breathing meditation (pranayama) or mantra meditation (chanting).  It is best to do the same meditation everyday and start with a commitment of 40 days.  Ideally practice little and often to unload the mind and clear the subconscious.  Book in for a one-on-one and we will customise the right meditation for you.

Take time to reflect

We move from the summer towards the Autumn Equinox on the 20th March, which is a great time to empower yourself and use the energy of this sacred day, where there is an equal amount of daylight and darkness. This powerful day offers us the opportunity to balance the light of our consciousness with the darkness of our shadow.  At this time of transition we can let go of anything that no longer represents us and make energetic space for new doors of opportunity to open.  Take this time to reflect on your life, make positive changes in your lifestyle, and realign to your goals.