Raw Chocolate Macaroons at Golden Yogi
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Chocolate is one of most peoples favourite sweet treats.  These live chocolate macaroons are a perfect healthy alternative to the usual highly refined sugar treats. This recipe is so simple to make and is one of the healthiest treats for people with a sweet tooth.  They not only taste great but also nourish the body with iron, magnesium, essential fats, and antioxidants.

Free from refined sugar, gluten, egg, and dairy - makes raw macaroons allergy friendly and a perfect sweet treat that is guilt free. If you are trying to cut out sugar from your diet, then these are your answer to satisfy cravings for chocolate. 


2.5 cups      Fine or medium shredded coconut

¾ cup         Raw Cacoa powder (unsweetened)

½ cup          Honey – manuka or pure liquid honey

½ tsp           Vanilla extract (natural, alcohol free)

4 Tbsp         Coconut Oil

 ¼ tsp          Himalayan salt


In a large bowl combine all the ingredients and stir well.  To shape the macaroons use a tablespoon, scoop, and roll with damps hands, then place in a container (single layer).  If you want perfect shapes press into a silicon muffin tray and then pop out when set. Refrigerate for at least two hours. 

Please note even though these are raw and contain no sugar, gluten, dairy, or egg they are still a “sometimes” food - best served as a sweet treat and not to be eating in large quantities or everyday - all in moderation!  

Enjoy and Live Lightly! x