Autumn Equinox - Finding Balance Within

The Equinox is a highly anticipated day on the Kundalini calendar, and one of the most powerful days in the whole year to delve deeply into our yoga or mediation practice. Here we bring you the low-down on why we should be turning to the mat and tuning in on the Equinox.

Let’s begin our conversation with the Autumn Equinox which is now upon us, falling on Sunday the 20th of March.  Equinox marks the time of year where the amount of darkness and light is equal, or the length of day and night is the same. As the seasonal wheel turns and nature goes through her changes, we are given the potential for greater inner growth and awareness if we can mirror her as she travels through the seasons.

Autumn Equinox is like a still point where everything comes into balance, before Mother Earth begins to take her first steps towards winter and the days become shorter. During this time of equanimity we have moments where we get to experience the balance in the scales of polarity.

Equinox offers a moment where we can pause, and look within to balance the lightness of our consciousness with the darkness of the shadow. On the path towards the light of higher consciousness we must also have the courage to face the darker aspects of the self. This means offering acknowledgement or acceptance to what is right now and what has been. In this process of surrender, we can allow ourselves to let go of anything that no longer represents us like negative mental and emotional patterns, habits or even things in our life which no longer serve us.

In a world where everything is in a state of flux it is incredibly beneficial to have this day where we can embrace the natural harmony. If we can join others in class or even take to the mat on our own, we can bring this sense on equanimity into our own lives. Through meditation we balance both the hemispheres of the brain to align the positive and negative aspects of the mind. Everything comes to a standstill upon arriving at this place of perfect balance - this “nothingness” is called Shuniya. When we have Shuniya everything is in complete harmony and we can attain a true state of bliss.

We invite you to come together in shared consciousness to bring balance to the light and dark aspects within ourselves, acknowledging the equanimous nature of the universe during equinox.  When we find this point within, we can enter the winter months with trust and confidence, in full alignment with the universal flow. 

Written by Kellie Cheung