5 ways to harness the energy of the new moon


Think of a new moon like a blank canvas, a fresh start. New Moons are the best time to wipe the slate clean and get clear on what you would like to invite into your life. Think big, don’t be afraid to really be bold and use the energy to your advantage. Ever since Ancient Shamanic times, the new moons have always been marked as the time to ‘begin’ the harvest, the build, the project - physical, mental or emotional.

  1. Write your intentions down. Get clear and journal out what you are calling in. When you are finished, release it to the moon and let the magic unfold. Use guidance cards to ask your guides/higher self questions you would like the answers to. Use crystals to amplify energy of your intentions.

  2. Use the energy to do a fast. It can also be a time to reset the body, purge or detox. Drink plenty of herbal tea and water to help eliminate as many toxins as possible. Perhaps have a break from coffee, or another type of stimulant you usually consume.

  3. Physically release. Go to a sauna, steam room, have a bath, have a massage, or do something with your body that helps you to physically or emotionally release, or ‘let go’.

  4. Rest. Use the energy of the moon to do a longer meditation, move slowly, go for a nature walk and ponder the stillness.

  5. Plant crops, herbs or decorative plants. Greens with lots leaves grow better when planted on a new moon. The energy of the water starts to be pulled upwards and therefore into the greens.

Olivia from Love By Olivia x