4 uses for Selenite Crystal for Healing

Selenite Wand

Selenite Wand

All crystals have different properties and are formed naturally to give and recieve specific energy frequencies. Our bodies and crystals both have energetic vibrations, which means our bodies are receptive to the frequency of aligning our vibration with crystals. Our bodies have free-flowing energy, so the crystals can be used accordingly to re-align, unblock and re-charge areas of our body.

Crystals are a tool to help align the energy of our conscious manifestations to our body. They can be powerful when used to realign our thoughts with our energy field i.e. when using affirmations or intentions. Thoughts can be powerful because they also have energetic frequencies. Crystals can help magnify and transmute those thoughts.

In my Reiki practice, I use Selenite on almost every client. I find it incredibly powerful in clearing energy, cleansing chakras, and helping unlock blockages. It also brings high vibration to an area of that body that could have slow or low energy vibration.

You can use your Selenite Crystals to:

  • Absorbs stagnant energy. It is especially beneficial

  • Clears blockages. Selenite is also known as ‘liquid light’ and is used for cleansing and for light protection

  • Can be used to clear spaces in homes. Keep Selenite (or a Selenite lamp) next to your bed to help clear unwanted energy while you sleep

  • Helps to connect with third eye and crown chakra. Helps to increase purity and positive energy

You can purchase Selenite and lamps online and in most crystal shops.

Love, By Olivia