Meditation Myths

Within the studio and beyond we hear all sorts of reasons why people don't think they can meditate, so here we have dispelled a few of the most common myths that are floating around out there!



Myth #1 – Meditation is religious or spiritual

While meditation has been rooted in ancient religions and can be a spiritual practice for some it doesn’t mean to say that now days it has to be either of these things. Meditation can be a way to declutter the mind, find some peace, and connect to your truth whatever that might be.


Myth #2 – The aim of meditation is to empty your mind

Naturally our brains are designed to think, to problem solve, to analyse, so expecting your brain to stop doing these things is unrealistic. The goal isn’t to empty your mind but rather to become detached from your thoughts.


Myth #3 – My mind is too busy

That is the perfect reason to meditate! Meditation can help you find clarity in your thoughts, it can help you strengthen your awareness, and move you away from the endless script that is being created in your head; eventually with time meditation will gift you with a less busy mind and a bigger appreciation for the present moment.


Myth #4 – I don’t have time

Just like yoga, meditation is one of those practices that will give you time back. With more clarity in your thoughts and less time wasted on worries you’ll find you’re more efficient and effective at what you are doing in your day to day life.


Myth #5 – It takes years to reap rewards

Meditation can be rewarding straight away, the simple act of connecting to your breath can calm the body and mind. The rewards come with the practice so you need to put the work in whether it is 5 minutes or 2 hours just aim for consistency! 


Written by Nicole Ander