You Are Enough



How often do we feel in our busy lives that we are not quite cutting it? In one or more areas of our lives we feel that we are not enough. We have so many roles to fulfil, that of parent, child, sibling, friend, volunteer, worker, employer....the list goes on.

The other day I was at my children's swimming lesson and next to me I noticed a brother and sister having a little fight. There was some pushing and shoving and the squabble came to a climax when one called the other a "dick face". In that moment my entire being literally flooded with a sense of relief. Here were kids I know are great kids and their mother is someone I look up to and admire and those kids were behaving just like mine do from time to time.
Maybe just maybe I am not epically failing as a parent. Witnessing those kids that day gave me permission to accept that no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, kids are kids, siblings are siblings and sometimes they are going to call each other "dick face". Parenting and life for that matter can sometimes feel like a minefield where we feel the potential to do it wrong, to somehow fail or let someone down feels like just one wrong step away. As a wife, mother of three, yoga teacher, daughter, sister, friend, employee... I most definitely have that feeling from time to time.

Fortunately, my yoga practice and my yoga mat have been my sanctuary, my place to restore balance, to retreat from my busy mind and come back to the breath and the wisdom of my body. A place to accept myself just as I am, to forgive myself and let go. My yoga practice has helped me to heal body, mind and spirit time and time again. It is my wish for all yogis to feel when they come to their yoga mat, to their practice for the first time or the thousandth time, to a yoga studio, gym, hall or the comfort of your home, that you feel, you are enough.

Let us create a community of yogis, a movement in our yoga today where we let go of judgement, comparing and competition and instead whole heartedly invite in acceptance, support, love, healing and permission. It doesn't matter what you wear or how you look in Lycra, if you can stand on your head or touch your toes, if you can breath you can do yoga.

Let your yoga mat be your sanctuary. Every time we step on our yoga mats we can come to a place where we arrive in our bodies, we find our breath, our minds ease and we begin to reconnect with ourselves and our truth. 

Welcome yourself just as you are, you most definitely are enough.

A huge thank you to the many inspiring teachers in my life. Namaste x

Written by Liz Hoare