Black Forest Raw Chocolate


1 cup Cacao powder

1 cup Cacao butter

1/2 cup Rice Syrup

1/2 cup Raw Almonds

1/2 cup Raw Cashew nuts

3/4 cup Freeze Dried Blackcurrants

1/3 cup Raw Cacao nibs 


1.  Melt Cacao Butter.  Place the cacao butter in a glass bowl and then put the glass bowl in a bigger bowl of warm / hot water (but not too hot!).  It will take about 15 minutes to melt into a liquid slowly.

2.  Add rice syrup and cacao powder to the melted cacao butter.  Whisk until smooth with no lumps.  

3.  Pour chocolate mixture into a bowl containing the mixture of nuts and blackcurrant.  Mix until the chocolate covers all the nuts and blackcurrants.  

4.  Pour the yummy chocolate mixture into a paper lined slice tin (or you could use silicon moulds if you would like small chocolates).

5.  Place into the refrigerator for an hour to set.  Break/cut into pieces and enjoy!! 

Note: You could use maple syrup, coconut nectar, honey, or agave nectar instead of rice syrup as the sweetener.