Raspberry Orange Bliss Balls


1 Cup (35g) Freeze Dried Raspberries (Fresh As)

1  1/2 Cup Cashew nuts

1 Cup Almonds

200g Dates (fresh) or Trade Aid Medjool Dates

Zest of 1 Orange 

Juice of 1/2 Orange

1 packet (35g) of Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder (Fresh As) to roll the bliss balls in


1. Grind up Raspberries into a rough powder in the food processor. 

2. Add cashew nuts and almonds to the food processor with the raspberries and process until the nuts are ground into a powder. 

3. Add de-pitted and roughly chopped dates, orange juice, and orange zest to the food processor and process until it forms a dough. 

4. Shape into balls and roll in the raspberry powder. Store in the fridge until serving.


Servings: 15 - 20 bliss balls.