A Wellspring of Healing

The term spiritual healing can be quite ambiguous, and can leave most wondering exactly what that means. With such a plethora of healing modalities out there it can be overwhelming and hard to know which one to choose and how it will benefit you. Healer Susan Okeby shines the light on Natural Spiritual Healing and how it can help you.

The art of energy balancing draws upon gentle, yet powerful, healing energy to bring balance and harmony to the whole being. We all have our own way of taking care of ourselves, however with the outside influences of the world we live in we can still be affected by the, environment, stress and emotions - all of these of these factors can upset our equilibrium. 

During a healing, the gentle energy can help re-establish this essential symmetry by providing a positive boost of energy to help us to become more able to deal with whatever the need is at the time.  This can have a very real and assured effect on our body mind and spirit, our mind is able to be more at peace and consequently can be more effective in managing emotional issues and stress more effectively.

Healing treats the whole person not just the dis-ease. We do not even have to be ill to have healing.  Regular healings are very beneficial as they help us to nurture and sustain ourselves and to promote optimum health so that we may function to the best of our ability, as it works on the inner most level of our being.  Natural Spiritual Healing helps us to develop spiritually and experience more contentment and fulfilment – a beautiful, nurturing way to ensure our ongoing wellness and progress. The spiritual or deeper levels of our being are nourished, helping us to feel more in touch with our higher self, others and the world around us. This promotes real health.

For this work, a high standard is required. The practitioner must have a mature outlook on life, be committed to their own spiritual progress, and bring light, love and understanding to all they contact. There must be the knowledge of how to let the healing energy work, without any hindrance by, or manipulation from the practitioner. An understanding is also needed of how imbalance leads to dis-ease; how healing may take place and the many ways that a person is supported in this process.