15 Miles

It's the things that we do on a regular basis that make the difference. Growth is a gradual process, it can seem like it happens in a quantum leap, but when we look back at the ground we've covered we'll see that it's all the hard work that we've done along the way which has brought us to our goal. 

I came across this concept called the 15 Miles a few years back, it's based on the first successful expedition to the South Pole. Two teams vying to be the first to ever reach the South Pole, both parties had a common goal in mind, yet they both choose very different approaches. One which resulted in tragedy for all expedition members and the other successfully reached the pole and returned to tell the tale of their success.

One team took a very methodical approach, using discipline and consistency, they toiled away covering about 15 - 20 miles per day, not venturing too far in good weather and risking exhaustion, but still keeping pace on bad days.  The other team went hell-for-leather on good days and bunkered down when tougher conditions struck.

Although there were a lot of other variables involved in the process, it was the 15 Miles a day approach of moving towards the goal post every single day which meant triumph and survival for the winning team!

This concept can be used for anything we wish to accomplish, whether our goal is to get to the South Pole or develop a Sadhana (daily personal practice) - the key is consistency, steadiness and taking a manageable amount of action each day!

All it takes is 15 Miles each day. Begin by simply taking the first step...

All it takes is 15 Miles each day. Begin by simply taking the first step...

If you’re joining us for the 30 Day Yoga Challenge in June, make your class each day your “15 Miles!”

Here are a few tips that you can take away from the winning team’s success!

Game Plan - plan your week ahead, know what classes you can realistically attend each week and don’t leave it up to whether you feel like it or not on the day.

Rain, hail or Shine - make a commitment to yourself, know that practice is happening no matter the conditions.

Focus – what do you want to get out of these 30 Days? Is it a daily practice, more time to relax and de-stress, or the feeling of accomplishment…

Team work – develop a buddy system, it’s easier to stay on track when you have someone to help keep you accountable. Even if you don’t have a friend to do the challenge with – make one! Or have a friend who you can just report to each time you complete 15 Miles.

Just Keep Going – even if you fall off the bandwagon, just get back on-board and keep trucking! Sometimes life just happens, and when it does make up for your missed class on another day.

Be prepared – There’ll be days where motivation is low, so trouble shoot all your excuses before they arise. For example, have your yoga gear laid out the night before or put your alarm clock on the other side of the room so you have to get out of bed!

Reward Yourself – We are hard-wired for reward so give yourself little incentives along the way. After you complete each week you can treat yourself to something nice like a massage or brunch at your favourite café. Having something to look forward to along the way will keep you motivated! 


Written by Kellie Michelle Cheung