The White Tantric Experience

On the 7th of October, nine people from Golden Yogi, including myself attended the White Tantric event in Sydney. In total 258 people made it for the day. After all, Yogi Bhajan says that one day of White Tantric Yoga is equivalent to meditating in a cave, day and night for 10 years!

We sit in lines face to face with a partner and our facilitator explains that the energy travels diagonally between participants. Using this Z energy, it is then said that Yogi Bhajan (through the course facilitator), directs this energy to cut through the blocks of the subconscious mind, to bring more success to every area of your life and is the path to personal awareness and freedom. The lines must remain unbreakable and if we must use the bathroom, we raise our hand so a volunteer can come and take our place in line! In total we had 7 meditations ranging from 31-62 minutes each and at the beginning our facilitator said “My loving advice is once you’ve settled into a position, don’t move”.

We are squished like sardines and as the day unfolds, I become acutely aware of little annoyances; my neighbour’s elbow knocking me during warms ups, the pain in my back and legs from sitting in our first 62 minute posture, the people around me mispronouncing the mantra…

And so this is the work of the day, dragging the mind away from focusing on pettiness, distractions, intense physical sensations, and instead back to the meditations; to those moments of depth and connection as I look into my partner’s eyes, to those moments where time stands still and all seems clear as our individual efforts all work toward a collective goal.

We finish our last meditations; the energy is euphoric- we achieved something that seemed impossibly hard at the start, and I feel a deep sense of community. We cheer, laugh, some cry, we hug our neighbours and finally find out their names!

White Tantric for me quells my human tendency to self-sabotage. Inherently, we each know what we have to do but more often than not lack the grit and wisdom to execute it. White Tantric gives an experience of endurance and the ability to focus on a still point i.e your goal and what you’re are doing in the present moment to attain it, amidst the “noise” of self-limiting beliefs around you.