The Butterfly Effect ~ mindful living can change the world.

In chaos theory it is believed that the flap of a butterfly’s wings, despite being the smallest of actions, can have dramatic effects on long-term outcomes. As the theory goes – a flap of those pretty little wings can be enough to determine if a tornado will form or not. And as a metaphor for how we choose to live in the world – we could each choose to think of ourselves, and our actions, like ‘butterflies’.

This is very much where we come from sharing yoga, wellness and lifestyle inspiration, in today's mainstream and somewhat overwhelming world. We passionately believe in the power of: 3 minutes everyday of mindful activities (like yoga, or even just breathing deeply), adding up to 1095 minutes a year that you nurtured your body and mind. 2 healthy food choices a day, quickly adds up to 730 moments a year that you nourished your body with goodness. 1 conscious consumer choice a day, adds up to 365 ethical consumer choices a year. And 60 seconds of daily hugs and cuddles, equates to 6 hours of hugs and cuddles a year. Actions and choices that seem as small as the flap of a butterfly's wings, are epic over time.

Photos taken at Wanderlust Festival Great Lake Taupo.

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of sharing yoga, meditation and mindful choices with the amazing and kind hearted Wanderlust community. And the thing we love most about Wanderlust festivals, is that it is like a gathering of ‘butterflies’. A gathering of people that understand how their choices in the world count. A gathering of people who understand that living mindfully is going to have dramatic long-term benefits for mankind. These days most of us know that change in the world is not about doing major things everyday - change in the world happens from lots of people, enjoying small acts that become habit. They then teach their children to have fun and live mindfully, and in doing so sustainable living will become mainstream.

Being a ‘butterfly’ is not about being a hippy, an acrobat, or an ultra bendy noodle. Plenty of butterflies are just everyday green yuppies. Or people that just understand how important it is: to be present; to share moments instead of things; to eat food that is natural and spray free; to nurture a community where our food goes from garden to plate; to breathe, move, sweat, and rest; to support our friends and their children like they are family; to be smart and put down our smart phones; to make time to laugh and relax – to listen to our bodies and allow ourselves time to de-stress and restore. And above everything else - to be butterfly’s of kindness. Butterfly’s that smile at another person, and in doing so alter the physiology and wellbeing of another human being for the better - so that they can then step out into the world and smile back at others too. 


Wanderlust Festival is one of many ‘butterflies’ in our life right now, alongside the community focused initiatives of: lululemon athletica, The Smales Farm 'Health & Wellness Summer Series', Wellness Retreats NZ, Jayayoga, Bliss Baby, Halo Smith, NuZest Vital Health, Go Green expo and so many more exciting opportunities to share health and happiness.

And all of these initiatives are so much more than just yoga, meditation, inspiring workshops, healthy food, amazing music, mindful markets, pool parties, roller disco’s and super happy people. They ALL focus on bringing people together to: live lightly, breathe, have fun, be conscious consumers, embrace mindful choices, and feel inspired to make a difference in the world. They are platforms that have the power to prevent tornados of emotional, physical and ecological destruction; by giving us all the chance to connect and appreciate that our actions count. And we can all fly together ... as healthy happy people, eating good food, having fun and treading lightly on the planet. Fly butterfly’s fly.

Written by Golden Yogi co-founder Kirsty O'Hara.

Kirsty holds a PGcert in Health Psychology, and is passionate about emotions research, emotional intelligence, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and inspiring people to live healthy balanced lifestyles. She is the mother of two children; her partner is a survivor of acute Myloid Leukemia; and Kirsty can totally relate to the juggle many people face of being a parent, partner, friend, over-committed corporate and outdoorsy sporty person (with tight hammies).  She passionately believes that "sometimes foods" should only be eaten sometimes; that beach fun is good for your soul; that every single day is precious; and that breathing is one of the most important bodily process to staying alive, so surely it's important that we breathe fully deeply and properly. Kirsty also likes to tread lightly on the planet where ever possible, and believes that the little things count - they add up - they are 'butterfly's'.


Butterfly Effect Chaos Theory and mindful living and Wanderlust Festival