Yogi tea will give you a natural “high” while your feet stay firmly grounded.  It is a tonic for the nervous system, improves memory, gives you energy, prevents colds and flu, and naturally warms the body.




4 Cups Water

12 Cloves

16 Green Cardamon pods

16 Whole Black Peppercorns

2 Cinnamon Sticks

4 Slices of ginger root

1 tsp Black tea

2 Cups milk (cow, rice, almond, soy – your choice)



Boil spices for 10-15 minutes. Add black tea and steep for 2 minutes.  Add milk, then reheat to boiling point. Remove from heat and strain.  Add honey or raw sugar to taste.  Makes about 4 cups. 


 Black Pepper:  to purify blood

~ Cardamon: for colon

~ Cinnamon: for bones

~ Ginger: strengthens nervous system and prevents colds / flu

~ Milk: aids in assimilation of spices and avoids irritation to colon and stomach.

~ Black tea: acts as a catylst for other ingredients


Ref: Foods for Health & Healing Remedies and Recipes, by Yogi Bhajan

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