Winter Wellness naturally at Golden Yogi

~ 1 ~ Nourish your body

Eat plenty of whole foods packed with vitamins and minerals.  Nutrient dense homemade soups are great to boost your intake of vegetables, plant based protein from lentils or beans, and spices that can assist fighting colds and flu’s.  Soups are quick to prepare and help to warm the body from the inside out.  Try to use fruit and vegetables that are seasonal and local so they are packed full of nutrients.  Smoothies and juices are also great to boost your energy and increase your vitamins and minerals.

~ 2 ~ Stay hydrated  

During the winter months we generally do not drink as much water as in the summer months.  Herbal teas or warm water with lemon are great options to boost your fluid intake and keep the body warm.

~ 3 ~ Exercise daily

When we move our bodies it helps to cleanse the lymphatic systems and flush the toxins out of the body.  Aim for 30 minutes of exercise everyday to boost the immune system.  It is best to choose low impact exercises like yoga, walking, swimming, cycling that will get your body moving but will not stress the body.  Exercise that is pushing your body to extreme levels actually lowers you immune function as the body moves into 'fight or flight' mode and the cortisol levels will rise in the body.  Exercise daily will help you to fight off nasty bugs and protect you from winter blues so you feel happy and positive.

~ 4 ~ Beat Winter Blues and Slow down

Quieten your mind and take at least 20 minutes every day to slow down.  Focus on your breath rhythm or repeat a phrase of words (mantra) to bring calmness to your mind and allow you to feel connected to live consciously conscious.

~ 5 ~ Maintain good hygiene

One of the best preventative measures to keep you healthy during the cold / flu season is to keep up good hygiene habits to reduce bugs from spreading.  Wash your hands regularly with soap and warm water after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose, after being in contact with someone showing symptoms, or before preparing food. When you are in contact with anyone with cold or flu symptoms then make sure to keep your distance and avoid sharing personal objects that could be contaminated.

~ 6 ~ Dehumidify and reduce winter dampness

Dampness is the prefect breading ground for nasty bugs, mould and mildew.  Keep your house dry and warm to reduce the incidence of Respiratory illness, asthma, and chest infections.

Natural Remedies to fight colds & flu:

~ Vitamin C: is a potent antioxidant that is involved in hundreds of the body’s biological processes.  It supports immunity and helps maintain resistance to infection due to its involvement in the normal healthy functioning of the white blood cells and antibodies.

~ Active Elements 7.1:  A mineral therapy to relieve the congestion & fever of minor infections such as, colds, flu, upper respiratory tract and middle ear infections, tonsillitis and hay fever.


~ Echinacea root: Maintains upper respiratory tract health and supports the body's own natural immune system to bring effective relief from the symptoms of colds, flu and minor infection.

~ Astragalus: A traditional Chinese herb to enhance immune function and has a mild antiviral activity to help prevent colds.

~ Andrographis: Supports the body's immune system when dealing with cold symptoms.

~ Withania (Ashwaganda): Enhances immune function and is a natural antioxidant.