If you love art, and you love nature, you are sure to be amazed by the talent of international nature artist Simon Beck. Using not much more than a compass, grid paper, and either his feet or a rake - Simon makes amazing geometric art formations in the snow or sand. Some patterns take him up to ten hours of walking, and his beautiful creations last until the next snow fall or the turning of the tide.

Kirsty had the great honour of meeting Simon and watching two of his beautiful artworks be created on Muriwai Beach. Spanning the entire width of the beach at low tide these artworks made for magestic and awe-inspiring moments, where crowds gathered to sit and enjoy the sunshine and artist at work. To allow these artworks to continue beyond the sand, the team at Icebreaker have applied some of Simon's designs to gorgeous merino clothing - well worth checking out if mandala art and super soft merino is your thing.

So ... if you're heading to the beach - grab a stick or a rake, pack a compass - and send us any photo's of nature artworks this blog may have inspired. Kirsty joked with friends that we should start a roster - and take turns sitting on the hillside enjoying sunshine, smiles and stunning designs ; ) 

Namaste x ~


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