Training Certificates or Qualifications: Embodied flow 200hr training with Adele Kinghan. RAD ballet teaching certificate. AJDA jazz teaching certificate. 

Yoga Influences: Vinyasa flow, Embodied flow.

Inspirational teachers: Adele Kinghan, Esther Ekart

Background: I have taught dance since 2004 and currently own Neverland studios. Coming from the competitive and comparative world of dance, I initially viewed yoga in the same way… about being better, stronger, lighter, more flexible. Over the past 4 years I have dealt with depression and anxiety and started to explore yoga purely for development of my mind rather than my “abs”!  This is when I fell in love and I was propelled on an amazing journey to become a qualified yoga teacher. However, the initial motivation for my teacher training was simply to explore yoga more deeply, and it has been an unexpected bonus to end up with a position at such a beautiful studio. 

Why I practice: Every day I do yoga is a good day! I prove time and time again to myself that yoga is a remedy for everything. If I’m tired, yoga energises me, if I’m anxious, it calms me, if I can’t sleep, it soothes me. As an ambitious and fast paced person, yoga is my constant reminder to enjoy the process, ignore the results and remember who I am. 

Why I teach: If one person I teach finds that inner power to self soothe, self heal, self ignite…  I’ve won. I’m passionate about spreading this message especially in the world we live in right now. I think it’s a magical thing when someone walks into a yoga class for the first time and I get a buzz from trying to awaken them to this powerful world. I believe yoga teaching is one of the most important vocations on the planet right now and feel privileged to be part of that. I work with teenagers and children in dance and understand the influence a teacher can have over young minds and I feel that my yoga training has helped to deepen the positive experience I can offer. On a selfish note, teaching nourishes me as much as I seek to nourish my students. 

Favourite quotes: 

'“What if I fall?”  "Oh but, my darling, what if you fly?”' - Peter Pan

“If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change!” - Michael Jackson


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