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Annie Carpenter is known as a “teachers’ teacher,” Annie believes that Yoga practice is a remarkable method for learning to steady the attention on what is actually happening in the moment. From this place, compassion and radical acceptance naturally evolve. Old mindsets of the illusion of separation, of me and them, and self and other, dissolve into the knowledge of wholeness.

“Although our culture tends to shrink yoga to mean only the physical, asana element I believe that yoga truly is a shamanic path, capable of leading us through transformation on all levels. Yoga reminds us what is real, and thus who we are — the light radiating from within.”


Thursday 28th November - Friday 29th November 2019


Thursday 28th November
9am -12pm Focus on mula bandha
12pm -1pm Lunch break
1pm - 4pm Focus on jalandhara bandha

Friday 29th November
9am -12pm Focus on uddiyana bandha
12pm -1pm Lunch break
1pm - 4pm Focus on maha bandha in pranayama and your life


Golden Yogi, Level 1 - 46 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland


For teachers

This two-day immersion will guide you into practising and teaching each of the three locks or seals - mula (root), uddiyana (abdominal), and jalandhara (throat) — as well as the powerful combination of all three together: maha bandha. You’ll learn all the essentials including the physical and subtle body anatomy, how, why and when, as well as the cautions and contra-indications.

We’ll approach these potent tools from the perspective of asana, pranayama and perhaps most importantly, energetic and intentional.

Maha Bandha in Action
Is it muscular? Is it breath? Is it energy? Is it an intention?
Yes, all of the above and so much more. Maha (great) bandha (lock or seal) is the intelligent use of mula, uddiyana and jalandhara bandha together. Let's spend 2 days to dispel myths, learn physical and subtle anatomy and practice these powerful seals. Some lecture, mostly practice.

Day 1:

The first day of this two-day intensive will focus on the mula bandha and jalandhara Bandha. It will include practice, pranayama and discussion.

Mula Bandha
The morning will involve a strong practice uniting breath and asana to ignite your physical and energetic root, the mula bandha. At once grounding and uplifting this will give you the experience of inner strength with the feeling of lightness that the mula bandha brings.

Jalandhara Bandha
The afternoon practice will start with Pranayama to illuminate how to use the Jalandhara Bandha and via a back-bending sequence lead you into the optimal neck and skull placement as well as how to direct your energy and intention. The chin lock teaches us about containing and directing our energy.

Day 2:

Day two of the intensive will focus on the uddiyana bandha and the maha bandha. Bringing the whole two days together, it will include practice, pranayama and discussion.

Uddiyana Bandha
This potent bandha is the “flying up” abdominal lift. This teaches us how to access our true, innermost core which, it turns out, requires less muscular strength than you might imagine. The lessons of rhythm and the sequencing of what fires, and when, brings a depth of understanding of how to prioritise in practice and beyond.

Maha Bandha
Bringing it all together: all three bandhas unite into depth, vigour and ultimately ease. All the layers and limbs of yoga join seamlessly into a deep and transformational experience for you; and one that you can clearly and safely bring to your students.



$500 ($NZD) or Earlybird Price $400 ($NZD) if paid in full by 30th September 2019.


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annie carpenter, MS, 500EYRT

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Annie Carpenter, creator of SmartFLOW Yoga, is an international Yoga teacher based in Northern California. Known as a “teacher’s teacher” she has created a well-respected system of Yoga practice and Teaching methodology. A committed student, Annie continues to bring her curiosity and love of anatomy, evolutionary movement, meditation and classical philosophy into her teachings. Annie is the author of Yoga for Total Back Care,” a DVD produced by Yoga Journal, SmartFLOW Yoga, a 12 DVD set of Asana, pranayama and Meditaion, produced by Udaya, and several SmartFLOW manuals. She contributes regularly to Yoga Journal. An influential Teacher Trainer since 2003, Annie leads 200/500 trainings and workshops globally, and at

SmartFLOW Yoga is a modern approach with an anatomically sound foundation and inspired, creative sequencing which is rooted in deep respect for the lineages of Integral, Iyengar and Astanga Yoga. Annie is committed to mindfulness, which inevitably leads to spiritual development and light-heartedness. SmartFLOW Yoga guides you to know your true Self. With the knowledge of the true Self comes compassion, peace and appreciation for all life.


If you need to cancel your booking for the course we require notification in writing at least 30 days prior to the start date of the course.

  • All cancellations that are 3 months or more before the course will receive a full refund minus a $50NZD registration fee.

  • All cancellations that are between 1 - 3 months before the course will receive a 50% refund.

  • All cancellations that are less than 30 days prior to the start date of the course will not receive any refund of the course fees.

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