Training Certificates or Qualifications:  ERYT500hrs with advanced trainings in Embodied Flow, Yoga Medicine and Prana Flow; Director of Rise in Yoga 200RYS teacher training programme.

Yoga Influences: Life!

Inspirational teachers: It would be remiss of me not to mention my teachers and mentors – Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons and all the other teachers who’ve generously shared their time, energy and passion with me, and without which, I wouldn’t be facilitating what I facilitate. But most of all, I’ve been influenced by my students – who courageously show up for the yoga, day in day out, who are willing to look at who they are – their mental constructs, their patterns, how they breathe, move, act and relate in the world. Their commitment to upshift the conversation of consciousness – to do better for themselves and the world they’re creating – gives me bucketfuls of energy and inspiration and hope.

Background: Teaching yoga and movement for eight years, practicing for 10.

Why I practice: I grew up with a strong passion for movement – my first love was dance, everything from ballet to hip-hop and my dance teaching paid my way through university. That all fell by the wayside once I stepped into corporate life, and then even more so when I was thrown my first spiritual grenade, in the form of an overnight acute diagnosis of advanced stage bowel cancer. I was 25 and given 30% chance of survival. It was post surgery, during chemotherapy that I found my first doorway into yoga. It began as gentle pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation, which I learnt by reading library books – as a way to manage the pain and anxiety, and eventually some gentle, mindful stretching. That was my practice for a long while, and it wasn’t until I got the sign off from my oncologist to go travelling that I first found asana. We were living in a small mountain town in Canada and I initially sought out a dance school with no luck. There was one yoga studio in town – I had no idea what style it was or what would be involved, but I do remember this: it was like a homecoming. I was able to trust my body again. It felt so damn good to move and breathe freely. I started to regain strength and belief in my right to be here – of this body, of this world. And that was that.

Why I teach: For me, it’s not an option to not teach – everything I was discovering – and continue discover – about myself and the nature of the world in my own practice… I couldn’t not share it. It feels very natural and like a calling of sorts and, for now, seems to be the best way I can offer my gifts and be of service. I have a great love for the potential in people, and intelligent yoga and elevating movement is a really profound technology to awaken that potential.

Favourite quotes: Too many to give justice to. I highly recommend following all of Adyashanti’s works. And my list of inspirational books are endless. I’m that person who has at least five books on the go at once. A few of my favs that are on the recommended reading list for my teacher training are The Enlightenment Process by Judith Blackstone, and Wake Up Now by Stephan Bodian.


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