acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Your treatment process:

Ange will work with her clients and other modalities in a complementary way by uniting a possible medical diagnosis and enhancing any other treatments being sought with the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), including Five Element constitutional diagnosis.

This will facilitate an integrated process of healing using acupuncture (perhaps moxa and cupping) and lifestyle advice (including diet therapy and breathing exercises from Qi Gong and Yoga) that will be inspiring and practical.

This process will help you understand the underlying conditions of your individual body, educate and empower you to implement change in your day to day way to maintain well being and your best energetic health.


Treatments with Ange are for all ages and conditions, but her main area of specialty is women’s health (pre and post natal care, menstrual complaints and awareness, fertility, stress management, fatigue, emotional and digestive disorders). This includes youth, acupuncture and the principals of TCM can be so beneficial for children and teens - if young girls get the right support when starting their mensuration they can be set for life!

Seasonal 'tune in' treatments to prevent 'dis-ease' are encouraged. Such serves the body to maintain well being - like a farmer constantly nurturing the soil to gain the best harvest for the seasons progressing or, servicing your body as you would have a mechanic servicing your car. Some clients choose to come at season change points; the intention of this is to promote ongoing well being.

Your Initial Consultation

Included in your Initial Consultation

  • 90 minutes of un-interrupted time with practitioner.

  • Detailed review of medical history, inquiry of current symptoms, tongue and pulse reading (TCM diagnosis)

  • A integrated process of healing using relaxing acupuncture (perhaps moxa, heat therapy and cupping) and lifestyle advice (including TCM diet therapy and breathing exercises from Qi Gong and Yoga) that will be inspiring and practical.

  • An email of personalised TCM lifestyle advise to support your energetic health outside of treatment and encourage health in your hands - sent within 3 days of treatment.

  • Babies and children under 3 years old are included "as one" with Mum - free advice given.

Follow Up Appointments:

Allow 45 - 60 minutes for your follow up appointment to review and discuss your energetic health progress, acupuncture treatment.

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