At Golden Yogi Pure Cure, we use a scientific based approach to understand where your body is at and decide what needs to be assisted.  In Natural Medicine we respect the innate ability of the human body to heal and repair itself, given the appropriate conditions. We focus on treating each person as an individual by supporting the health of the whole person.

Natural Medicine has the ability to address any health concern, and is particularly effective at treating, managing and addressing both chronic and acute health conditions. For example:

-       Digestive complaints

-       Allergies

-       Stress, Anxiety & Depression

-       Weight Management

-       Cardiovascular Disease

-       Womens’ & Mens’ Health

-       Insomnia

-       Sports & Injury Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine

Some of the Natural therapies used to restore health and prevent disease, include:

-       Nutritional Medicine

-       Lifestyle coaching

-       Nutritional Supplements (high quality practitioner only products)

-       Mineral Therapy

-       Herbal Medicines and Homeobotanical Therapy

-       Massage Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage

-       Yoga and Meditation

-       Stress Management, and Counseling Techniques

-       Homeopathy and Tissue salts

-       Flower Essences

-       Ear Candling

We treat clients as a whole person within a dynamic environment - the person is treated, not the symptom. These therapies can be used to restore health and prevent disease exclusively, or used alongside conventional medical treatment.

By working with your specific needs and lifestyle we can come up with a customized plan, which suits you best to ensure you are achieving the optimum results.

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